SqlDBM: Model revision history

In a previous post I presented sqlDBM, a really cool on-line tool for database modeling. You can use it to create the model of your SQL Server or MySQL RDBMS. Then use its forward engineering feature to generate an sql script that creates the whole of the database you have designed in the tool.

The tool has a very useful versioning feature: each time you click on the Save button and save the work on the model you are working with, the tool creates a new revision of the model. The picture below displays the revision history of my Payroll model so far:

You can easily open any revision you like by just clicking on the timestamp link. This is the latest revision of my database model:

What is really interesting on the screenshot above is that the tool, at the end of my last session, has automatically saved a draft of some changes I made after pressing the Save button. By pressing the Load Draft button I can load my work as it was just before I left the tool and continue my work exactly from the point I left it.

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